Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A word of praise from the CNO to the sailors helping here, and thanks from us

Many thanks to Grehawk of Mudville Gazette, and John H. of Powerline for the links, and many thanks to those of you who have sent very kind comments. I just feel really fortunate that I was able to come down here now.

I want to pass on a link from LT Smash's blog of a letter from the Chief of Naval Operations to all his admirals. I agree completely--the Navy has been very visible here in its relief efforts, and now rebuilding efforts. In my usual practice I don't get a chance to rub shoulders much with men and women in uniform, or men and women of the shield. That's been one of the real delights of the past week. God bless you all! You're doing a wonderful job.

Remember: we WILL provide medical/nursing care for a helicopter (or LCAC) ride.

We did give a teenager in devastated Long Beach, MS his first humvee ride today. He's sold!
More later.

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