Monday, September 12, 2005


Saturday, September 10: Old DeDeaux School with LeeAnn

This will probably be my last day at DeDeaux school. Things seem to be slowing down and getting under control. Next week Mark, the nurse who lives out here, will see patients here when he's not working. He works nights, so helping here the next day is not so easy. Once again, people chipping in to do what needs to be done for their neighbors. I'm humbled. The Connecticut nurses, Shery and Lee, left to go home. This time when I go to the ED looking for a nurse, the wheel of fortune turns up LeeAnn Salazar. LeeAnn claims to be the mother of five kids; I think she uses that story to keep the guys from hitting on her. She also manages a team of 100 nurses, owns a business on the side with her husband, and they're building a new house with seven bedrooms. I tell her America was built by hypomanics like her; for some reason she doesn't take it as a compliment. LeeAnn is originally from Connecticut, and she talks fast too. Here we are at the sign in front of the school:LeeAnn is one of a group of nurses from Florida who work in sister hospitals of BRMC, owned by HMA. HMA seems to be doing an incredible job of providing logistical needs for BRMD. Capitalism at its very best, I would say.
We give out about 50 tetanus shots today, and I dispense and/or prescribe another passle of meds. This time no real medical problems came along, such as the lady with the angina or the one whose generator burned her arms.
There's not a lot for teenagers to do out here. ATV's are a popular way to get around, especially now.
LeeAnn and I returned to Biloxi. I found the Ohio MDAT (Medical Disaster Assistance Team) shipping their tent. The Ohio MDAT will be replaced by another MDAT group from Pennsylvania. The help just keeps on coming.

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