Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I was hungry and you fed me...

The Salvation Army has been doing a marvelous job of feeding thousands of Katrina victims in places where there was no other food available. Out in the community of DeDeaux, a Salvation Army truck dispenses meals every day. Here (right) was the menu for the other day. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see that they are thanking God for everything--'even love bugs'.

There are very few mosquitoes out here in DeDeaux, but everything outside has 'love bugs' swarming around it. Fortunately they don't bite, they just tickle. Here's a close-up.

Serving with a smile was Mrs. Julie Whiten of Annapolis, MD; her husband is also here with the Salvation Army relief effort.

That night I squeezed into a table a Chilis with a group of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers--mostly pastors--from Iowa, who are doing cooking, counseling and other tasks, in conjunction with the Salvation Army's effort here. Another Chilis customer came over to thank them for coming to help.

Next morning I went to see the Ohio volunteers' kitchen at the huge Salvation Army distribution center (where I first went when I came to Biloxi following a Salvation Army convoy from Jackson). There are a number of these kitchens in different places on the Gulf Coast.

This kitchen feeds 5,000 a day. There's more than bread and fish left over; they have trouble getting rid of the waste.

Biloxi's 'Yankie Stadium' (below) is the site of 'Compassion Central' where the Salvation Army and others feed the bellies and souls of Biloxians.

The photo below shows the SA/Southern Baptist meal tent.

Today the Kids' Kamp day-care tent was being used for an old-fashioned revival meeting, filled with spirit and the Spirit. The evangelist had driven 700 miles the night before to be in Biloxi for the meeting.

He was OK, but the ample-sized black lady who preceded him really got the crowd fired up.

She emphasized that Katrina had brought down the mighty along with the small, and that we--black and white, rich and poor--were in this together.
Amen, sister!

hi, are you going to evacuate biloxi for hurricane rita or is it not going to hit close to you?
Hi Dr. Stan

I was one of the Southern Baptists you had a meal with at the Chili's in Biloxi. Best wishes to you Doc. You were an encouragement to our team. Some of our group saw you sing a gospel song in the tent the next day. One of the ladies in our line waiting for tent vouchers at Yankee Stadium prayed to ask Jesus to save her that next day. You, the Salvation Army, our Southern Baptists, all the volunteers are making a huge difference in the lives of the victims. Again it was nice to come across your path and I hope you have a nice life. Your compassion is very evident.

Richard Nations
Des Moines, Iowa
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