Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Dr. John Goodheart, Ph.D.

My son John is in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a statistician for a consulting company doing public opinion surveys there. John also has the 'irrepressible urge to make things right' gene. Finding a way to do that with a mathematics Ph.D. is a little harder than with an M.D., so I congratulate him on his persistence in finding a way to help improve the world, one equation at a time.

His team was in Kabul on election day, last Sunday. Fortunately, there was little or no violence. He writes:

Dad --
this is the one good pic we got on election day. We weren't allowed to photograph in any of the polling stations, so we mugged nearby one. From left are me, Laure, Julien, and Alex. Alex is American and a software guy by training; his Dari is extremely good for the 7 months he's been in country. (Speaks decent French too.) Julien and Laure I don't know as well since they just got back a couple of days ago.

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