Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Breaking news from Mrs. Goodheart

I just got this e-mail from the lovely Mrs. Goodheart:


Ain't she great? But what do I call myself? Unemployed? Having a late-mid-life crisis? I'm clearly not sitting in the hammock drinking mint juleps (hmmmmm...I've never actually had a mint julep. But now the bars aren't open, and the restaurants close about 7 pm. Let me know if you come up with a better description that will keep Mrs. Goodheart happy.
Well, Uncle Goodheart, your brother (my dad) seems to have gone a similar route with his retirement. Eventually he established that retirement wasn't so much giving up the job, it was giving up the parts of the job that were annoying (the beurocratic bits). He devoted himself full-time to the parts he'd enjoyed.

It sounds like you're doing the same thing. Good for you. Aunt Goodheart, you're doing a great job of being supportive of his semi-retirement. :-)
Mr. Tillinghast,
It is so awesome what you are doing. May God bless you.

Sunday, my mom and I, along with a church group, are going to Biloxi. We are from Michigan. We're helping with Operation Mobilization.

My Uncle found your blog, and emailed me the address. Very nice site.

In Him,
There is no way that a good doctor can retire, and the same is true of other professions. You have a God-given gift and you are using that gift in a way that God intended.

The retirement comes from being an office drudge to looking after people in the community.

Keep up the good work. I passed the address of your blogg onto my own doctor to go have a look at what is happening from someone on the ground.
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