Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Biloxi Beach Sandstorm

This post has nothing to do with medical care, but a lot to do with the kind of resources being put into the relief effort by our military. This photo shows an LCAC (landing craft, air cushion) on the beach in Biloxi, right along the shoreline drive. I took video of this one heading out to sea, and Myhanh (especially, all 89 pounds of her) and I were almost blown over by the sandblast created by its propellers as it rose off the beach, turned in its own length (next photo), and headed out to sea with about 130 personnel on board. Fortunately Midshipman Moore had warned us to get farther away than the front-row seat we had been occupying. Here's the next one landing on the beach, throwing up a mighty spray and roar. Myhanh and I put up a sign "will do medical/nursing work for helicopter ride", and now have added "or LCAC". Myhanh could flag down any passing Blackhawk, then I could step out of the bushes and she'd say "But my Dad is going too."

Thanks Doc for your time, service and showing that the American Spirit is still very very much alive and well with personal courage.

The blog looks great and the pictures are a tremendous addition and we all know hard this is to do even in normal circumstances.

Good luck,

Thanks Doc for taking the time from what must be an extremely busy time for you, to blog this, and get some of the truth out about Katrina's aftermath.

David Earney
Thank you for your work. I am very glad to hear some of the things that are going right.

Keep up the good work. Enjoyed reading about your adventures. Keep them coming.

Thank you for your efforts. Thank the others who are helping as well.

God Bless.
Doc, nice photos of my boat, but all you needed to do was ask and I would have given you a tour and possibly a ride. No work would have been required.

LCAC 83 boat driver
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